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Metro Pipe Services Pty. Ltd. is the leading provider of mobile welding for Melbourne, providing comprehensive welding solutions for industrial, commercial, and residential projects. Whether it is repair work or an all-new project from scratch, we have the competency to work with a wide range of applications. Our service includes onsite assembly and installation.

When you work with Metro Pipe Services, we will bring our mobile workshop to you. This allows us to provide mobile welding at Melbourne worksites with limited facilities, as well as meaning that we can provide onsite repair work for existing infrastructure with minimal downtime or disruption.

The welding process is a key factor in any fabrication work. Any considerable defects affect the strength and durability of the welds, which leads to mechanical failures. At Metro Pipe, our expert onsite welders are equipped with the latest tools and instruments, and are capable of working with close tolerances to ensure defect-free work every time. Our metal welders have wide experience of working with stainless steel, architectural and structural steel, and mild steel.

Our service comes with high flexibility and low turnaround times. This ensures quick completion of the project within deadlines and easy monitoring at regular intervals. Our mobile welders will bring a highly equipped mobile welding EQUIPMENT to our client’s doorstep. We also provide portable stainless steel welding services throughout Melbourne suburbs at affordable mobile welding rates.

If you think your site location is remote, and are worrying about the quality of work that can be achieved, then we will happily help you throughout. Feel free to contact us and share your requirements or concerns, so that our experts can provide you with the best possible solution for your needs.

What to expect from our onsite welding service?

  • Quality work
  • Timely completion of a project
  • Competitive service cost
  • Utmost customer satisfaction
Onsite Welding Melbourne
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